Monday, 19 January 2009

Skillit - Talk Of The Town

To start with - this album is DOPE.

Beginning nicely with 'I'm Badder Than You,'' with a nice catchy, sing along beat and plenty of punchlines, it's a sign of things to come as the whole album has a very 'feel good' element to it which is a nice change as it's common for alot of independant albums to get bogged down with too much 'real talk' but Skillit manages to keep a good balance.

The albums title track 'Talk Of The Town' is probably my favourite, the beat has some nice xylophone samples over a nice bassline and some layered strings. Again, filled to the brim with slick punchlines and perfect flow to fit the beat with lines like - ''make some decent music, i would say your shit but nature beat me to it.''

"Tag Team" is another one of my favourites. Produced by Capital B (who also produced 3 other tracks on the album) who has managed to combine some real laid back jazzy horn samples and a sinister sounding bassline. Pyro features on the track and the two emcees mix well together, especially on the hook -

"Skillit and Pyro, hittin you with tight flows
blowing up like nitro, you'll see when time grows
pyro and skillit, we rhyme and we kill it
and shine in our lyrics, don't abide by the gimmicks."

Good stuff.

Production credits go to Capital B, Cable, K-Nite 13 and Loudmouth
Features guests - Pyro, K-Nite, Loudmouth and Mentalist.

Get the album HERE
Check Skillit out on MySpace HERE


AD said...

Tis awesome. I'd pay for this.

tango said...


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