Saturday, 10 January 2009

Jay-Z/Mash-Up Productions - Prohibition Gangster

As promised,

If you didn't see the post just after Christmas, -

"I know i'm VERY late with an American Gangster remix, but i hate doing shit when everyone else is doing it.

The idea behind the project is basically American Gangster remixed with new beats sampling 40's jazz and with a more old school gangster feel."

I only remixed a handful of tracks; those that i felt needed to be redone.


American Dreamin'
Blue Magic
Party Life
Ignorant Shit

You can download it free (of course) HERE


Unknown said...

links exchange?

Figment said...

Have added it to the links section. Thanks

Vern Pitt said...

Will be sure to check this out. Looks good.

The remixing of this album thankfully didn't get as crazy as it did with The Blakc Album.

Figment said...

Cool, thanks. Drop me an e-mail afterwards if you like - let me know what you thought.

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