Friday, 23 January 2009

Celtic Underground Session 3

Volume 3 already!! Jee4ce has rounded up some the finest tracks from the Celtic underground scene and put together another master piece.

One of the main things that stands out (for me) in Hip Hop from these shores is the regional accents, its something we (as UK Hip Hop listeners) should embrace and be proud off because it separates us from the rest of the world, plus most of these artists are from the 'sticks' and they are so fucking hungry for the culture that it keeps that raw element that Hip Hop is build on.

Theres a whole heap of names you will/should know i.e. Respek BA, Ralph Rip Shit, Dubbledge, Loki, Jee4ce, Evil Residents, Hoax MC, Terawrizt, etc etc

Its a banger..Its full of heavy beats...Its filled to the brim with talent...Its FREE!!

Check out Jee4ce myspace for links for the other artists HERE

Celtic Underground Session 3 Mixed by Jee4ce

Free Download. Hiphop from Ireland, Scotland and Wales

01. Capital 1212 ft. Mikey Krummins - Shootin Stars (Scotland)
02. Terawrizt ft. Jambo - End Of Dayz (Ireland)
03. Qred ft. Joe Blow 4dee and Skamma - Lunar Burn (Wales)
04. Respek BA - OH (Scotland)
05. Jee4ce - On The Rise (N.Ireland)
06. Ralph Rip Shit ft. Dubbledge - Kiss The Guns (Wales)
07. Evil Residents - Demonic Soldiers (Scotland)
08. Rubberbandits - Pure Awkward (Ireland)
09. Sweet And Tender Hooligans - I Have Seen (Wales)
10. Intox ft. Jonnyboy - Take Me Back (Ireland)
11. Skribbo ft. Loki - Heavyweights (Scotland)
12. Nugget - Loser (Ireland)
13. MasterSystem - Its Time (Scotland)
14. Werd & Deeko - Mad World (Scotland)
15. Cullo - Who Am I (Ireland)
16. Dave Gunn - Under The Forgotton Page (Scotland)
17. Lineage ft. Maverick Sabre - Cambia Tu Fortuna Remix (Ireland)
18. Hoax MC - Rhymin Son (Wales)
19. Holmes - HipHoperation (Scotland)

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Download with tracks separated

PS: That's not the real cover for it (as you can see how unprofessional it looks)
i stole it from another site and added the title!

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