Sunday, 4 January 2009

Kid Konnect - The Epic

Beatmaker 'Kid Konnect' has just finished his first beat tape "The Epic'' and let me just start off by saying well done, because For a first effort, it's a good lesson to beatmakers looking to do the same. Konnect has kept it short and sweet, blessing us with only 5 beats - not enough to give too much away and just enough to leave us wanting more.

It's hard to define 'The Epic' or confine it to any one genre of instrumental. All you need to know is that it bumps from the outset. The fact that a beat tape consisting of only 5 beats can have this effect as it's so diverse - is another acheivement in itself.

01. "My Lord" - I knew this was my favourite before i heard any of the others. A great way to start the beat tape off, with a banger of a beat. The samples chopped really nicely and has contrasts between really hard hitting sections and some nice jazzy George Benson style guitar bits in there too. First class beatmaking right here.

02. "I'm Sure" - So nice. The sample is so nice and the drums fit perfectly over it. Impressive that a beat this smooth can follow one so hard and still be just as hot.

03. "Knocks" - switches it up a little here with something more synth sounding. This one probably won't be for everyone but it's a good piece of Hip-Hop all the same and nice as a change of pace.

04. "Never Hear" - starts with some really nice vocals and kicks in to yet another banger. Drums are nice and tight and the bass compliments everything perfectly. I recognise the sample as it's from quite a recent track (i think) but i would never have thought of flipping it like this. Perfect.

05. "Smoker's Delight" - another smooth joint (excuse the pun) which i could honestly loop forever. The bassline is perfect with a westcoast feel to it.

If you're an emcee looking for a beatmaker to get at, download it.

If you're a fellow beatmaker/producer/dj/whatever - download it and take notes.

If your neither of these. Download it.

Get it HERE


AD said...

Is this kid british?

Figment said...

No, American. The blog started out as being specifically for Independent U.K music, but i figured that there's no reason to limit it to just U.K so now we cater to independent music from all over.

GWG Embassy said...

Yeah, thats the homie KKonnect :) Ever since I heard his beats like 3 years ago, he's been nothing but constitently nice! Bigups

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