Friday, 16 January 2009

Dialektiks - Intelligent Design

Dialektiks are a UK Hip Hop duo based in Edinburgh, comprised of Rapper Newspeak and DJ/Producer Decksterous.

"We try to capture the old school sound of the hip-hop we love, but put a modern twist on it".

'Intelligent Design' is a solid effort with all involved showing that they're more than comfortable on the beat - flow is switched up consistantly and there's a nice variety of topics and themes being spoken on, but it's only let down is the sound quality. I try not to let mixing and mastering play a part in my opinion of an artists work but in this case it is difficult to hear some of the lyrics in places. That being said, i enjoyed 'Intelligent Design.' It got my head nodding, got me rewinding - and etched the name 'Dialektiks' firmly into my subconscious. What more could one want from a free album?

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*EDIT - You can check out an interview with Dialektiks over at the Certified bangers Blog (link in the 'Places of Interest' section to your left). Check the interview HERE.

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you should link to my interview i did with them:

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