Monday, 26 January 2009

Milkman - Apollo

Milkman is a beatmaker from California who was brought to my attention on the excellent (and frequently mentioned) CrateKings website/forum.

his debut BeatTape 'Apollo' is a nice mix of instrumental work and remix's which help to break up the structure of the tracklisting and throw a bit of variety in there. I was mainly impressed by the work on offer here as the description given by Milkman that Apollo is "basically the first beats I've made since I got the MPC in August."

For just under 6 months of what must have been a pretty big learning curve for a newcomer to the wonderful ways of the mighty MPC - the work displayed is exceptional.

The overall style could be described as 'back to basics,' but there is nothing basic about each and every beat as all sound like they've been carefully crafted with each kick, hat and snare matched perfectly to the varied and well chopped samples.

Stand out tracks for me are 'Theme' which had me nodding like the Churchill Dog! (only UK headz should get that reference, for everyone elses benefit - ENLIGHTENMENT)

The Shimmy Shimmy Ya remix was crazy and dare i say it - on par with the original.

'Kick The Truth' was a collaborative effort with another CrateKings regular 'GrimeShine' - the result is sublime, so smooth.

Finally - a One Love remix that is as beautiful as it is banging.

Start to finish, 'Apollo' is a sterling piece of work and hopefully an indication of what we can expect form Milkman in the future.

Download it HERE

Add MilkMan on MySpace HERE

Or, come and visit MilkMan, GrimeShine and Me at CrateKings

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