Saturday, 7 June 2008

Phonetics - EP#1

Phonetics are a 3 man group made up of two parts emcee, one part producer.

Full Creym and Verbal Mike are the Emcees, while Illson provides the beats.

EP#1 is british hip hop at it's very best. Obscure and gritty samples with rough drums give Full Creym and Verbal Mike the perfect oppurtunity to display their unique style.

Featuring guest spots by well known Essex duo Iron Bridge on the fantastically strange but highly addictive ''Essicks,'' and the similarly titled ''Essex Boys'' providing an alternative tour of the seaside resort of Southend On Sea.

Shain Caw makes an appearance on ''Guns By Numbers.'' A welcome criticism of rappers using Gun play in tracks.

The EP's highlight for me is ''Stealin' The Crown.'' With a medieval sounding sample of rising and falling piano keys setting the scene for an agressive sounding Full Creym to deliver my favourite verses of the EP and some nice work on the turntable, also courtesy of Illson - this is a welcome piece of something new that you're unlikely to hear anywhere else.

Put simply - DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

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