Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Charlie Sloth - Its Hard Being Good

CHARLIE SLOTH - The Source magazine called him "One of UK's Finest" Jumpoff.tv said -"Potentially the biggest HipHop act ever to come out of UK" Charlie also Won "Most original Video" at the Cravefest awards in Canada Hip-Hop Connection call him "The big Smokes Truth Talker" Born in Central London Charlie Sloth has been bubbling on the underground scene in England in many different guises since he was 17.
Growing up in Camden Town, the closest London has to a ghetto, Sloth found himself in slightly more compromising situations than the average teenager. With a background deep rooted in criminal activity however, he breaks Rap music’s sometimes common association with gangs & crime choosing not to glamorize it. Age 10, Sloth ‘picked up’ NWA’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ on cassette – it would be his first and most important taste of Rap music and Hip Hop culture. At 13, being the chubby kid who should have been put in goal, picked on for his lunch and always the last to run when in trouble, he soon earned the name ‘Sloth’ from his peers. Charlie began mimicking his favourite raps, giving him the confidence and presence to play down the taunts and embrace the name as his own. Influenced by many forms of music, Charlie became more known for his phase in the Garage scene as it swept the UK and was a member of Hype Squad, before forming a break-off Hip Hop group, Grimey Limeys.
Many of the UKs high-profile Hip Hop players will know Charlie Sloth from being victims of his Prank calls which became a feature of his pirate London radio show on RawFlex. With an uncanny Jay-Z-like ability to shun the pen & pad and construct songs completely in his head, Sloth tackles real life and real issues in his music. With emotional stories and chart topping sing-a-longs, his tracks are very visual, creating an audio-cinema like experience. Charlie Sloth isn’t your stereotypical rap artist; if he’s killed anyone, he’s not rapping about it. He doesn’t even want a bio and wasn’t very helpful in compiling this.
With sights set on more than Hip Hop music, Sloth has a natural ambition and talent to shift into presenting, TV shows and feature films. For bookings, to have Charlie-Sloth Feature on your project or if you're interested in having Charlie sloth produce a track for you, contact:
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Plus check out the Mighty Talented Charlie Sloths myspace Here for more exclusive tracks.

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