Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Junior Disprol & Evil Ed - Junq Waffle

Evil Ed, Junior Disprol, Jehst, Skelaton and Alkaline

Back in 1999 - 2000 in a flat in East London 5 true school Hip Hop artists got their heads together and (in my eyes and ears) made one of the best posse cuts to come out of the UK scene.

The beats were molded by Evil Ed and the lyrics crafted by Junior Disprol ( Dead Residents ) Alkaline ( Gunshot ) Jehst and Skelaton.

Only released on 7" vinyl and limited to only a few hundred...it was recorded in true low budget style with the mic being attacted to a clothes horse with a home made pop shield and put in the hall way for better sound, the over dubs were done in the living room with me holding the mic up in the circle of emcees!

Twas a good day.

Grab it HERE

Also give props to the artists : Junior Diprol myspace
Evil Ed myspace
Alkaline myspace
Jehst myspace
Skelaton via Designer Anoraks myspace

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