Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Firepower - Gunshot, Task Force, Bury Crew, Jhest and Evil Ed

Yet another rare posse cut this time from Disorda's Uk Hustlers Vol 6.
The story goes like this....i was over Mercury's (from Gunshot) house just for a chin wag with the rest of the Gunshot crew and i slipped in a cassette that Evil Ed had sent to me and this beat came on and stopped Mercury mid speech and asked 'Who's this?' i told him about Ed and how he had produced one of my favorite EPs (Blunted Bumpkin Buskers) in 1993, and while telling him Alkaline and Barry Blue both came in and asked the same question...they all wanted the beat! So i gave Mercury Eds number and he phoned him and Ed thought it was me on a wind up. Anyhoo they spoke a few more times and decided that they were gonna use it for the UK Hustlers tape for Disorda.
Then the idea to ask Task Force to jump on it too came up and they blessed it and added the Bury Crews Nocturnal for good measure!
When ED came down to record it he brought along a young man called Jehst, the only time i had heard of Jehst at that time was from a verse he had done on a tape for DJ Supra. I said to the Gunshot boys that they should get him on the track and because hes the bollox and they said ok and Jehst wrote the verse there and then and SMASHED IT!

Its still one on my favorite verses in Hip Hop!

And to top of the final track Farma got his son ( called Man Cub at the time) on the intro.

This tune will make you nod your head like a whore with parkinsons.


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