Monday, 23 June 2008

Evil Ed - The Enthusiast

Evil Ed is a producer, originally from Huddersfield in the U.K. Ed became interested in being a Hip Hop/scratch DJ in 1984 and started making Hip Hop tracks in 1985.

'The Enthusiast,' released in 2004 is flawless. The tracklisting reads like a who's who of the best of British Hip-Hop, with such names as Yungun, Jehst, Asaviour, Kyza, Tommy Evans, Microdisiacs and loads more.

The beats (all of which are made by Ed, who lends his scratching to a few tracks also) flow nicely, each one leading to the next smoothly and none sounding out of place - this really is a perfect album. Everyone involved has certainly done their job, from Ed's well structured and emotive beat for the Microdisiacs track ''Great Expectations,'' to Doc Browns reminiscing of days passed on ''Think Back,'' and The Colony's catchy hook on ''Branded.''

A fine example of a more than valid reason why British Hip-Hop should be out there, marketed, promoted and sold more, because this is music that people need to hear.


01 - Intro (The Enthusiast) Ft. Eddie Scratch
02 - The Ed Zone Ft. Jehst
03 - Nico Suave Ft. Yungun aka Essa
04 - Warm Things Up (skit)
05 - A New Way Of Thinking Ft. Ricochet
06 - Black Stallions Ft. Kyza
07 - Sweeney Todd Ft. Ah Fly (Skit)
08 - Branded Ft. The Colony
09 - The Cavalry Ft. Tommy Evans, Ricochet, Yungun, Jibbarish, Doc Brown and D.Ablo
10 - Alive (Skit)
11 - Have You 4Gotten Ft. Lost Souls
12 - Captains Of... Ft. A-Love
13 - The Audio Obstacle Course Ft. Eddie Scratch and DJ Index
14 - Raw Spuds Ft. Probe Mantis and Junior Disprol
15 - Playin The Game Ft. Asavious
16 - Experts Ft. Mr Thing
17 - Think Back Ft. Doc Brown
18 - Lesson (Skit)
19 - Life's A Struggle Ft. Mic Assassin and Tommy Evans

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