Thursday, 12 June 2008


Metabeats is a hip hop producer, (and an ill one at that) based in the unlikely hip hop stronghold of Cardiff, whose debut album Metaphysical is already being named as one of the hip hop albums of the year.
When asked how and when he got into production during an interview with Celtic Hip Hop, he had this to say -

''The production side of things woulda been around the start of the millennium. i had been djing for a while before that and wanted to get on the other side of the speakers...I had a broad musical upbringing as far as the music I was listening to is concerned.''

You can check out more of Metabeats on his Myspace page HERE

And, judging by the following quotes, you definitely need to stop by HERE and buy the album.

UKHH said - "a better name would've been “The Best EP”, as frankly this spanks other extended players until they’re redder than a sunburned arse."

Big Cheese Magazine said - “Metaphysical is a deep plunge into a creative pool that sees organic sounding drums and horn samples weave their way around stellar rhymes … (that) seep out of the speakers like syrup, a treat for the ears.”

Till you head over to your nearest audio product outlet, watch these videos...bitches.



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