Thursday, 26 February 2009


First of all, this website has nothing to do with me.

Figment is a website for music fans who have no musical talent but are fascinated by the dream of being in a band. In short, it is an online fantasy band site where you can create your own band, release albums and rise up the charts. The whole catch though is there's no music...thus the tag line "All Bands, No Music."

The website's creater Eric says;

"I started Figment because I am a big music geek myself and I was looking for a creative outlet that involved my love of music, but wouldn't involve me torturing my friends, loved ones and careless passerby's with my lame attempts at writing songs. Little did I know how many of us are out there. At this point, we actually feel as if we're doing the real music industry a favor by reducing the number of terrible bands that might send them a demo, and in some cases we've actually inspired people to start their own bands...although we can't promise they're any good."

Figment has users from all over the world creating bands, some are funny and some are serious, but all of them are fake! Take a minute to check them out and maybe try your hand at it.

Find the website HERE

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Solocypher said...

Great post, that track is huge - props!

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