Monday, 30 March 2009

D-Nice 'Start Of The Summer'

The suns out there's a smell of BBQ in the air the sound of kids having fun and in the distance from all angles is music coming out of peoples houses and everyone is loving the day...but their choice of music isn't as ear friendly as mine! Its not pleasing to everyone at their swaray! You need a perfect balance of beats and songs in the back ground...something people can nod to, hum to, dance to, relax to and relate to.

Well your in luck, The DJ/Emcee/Producer/Legend that is D-Nice has saved your day!

Hes a craftsman at his art and lets you lovely people download his mixes for FREE!

On the 'Start Of The Summer' mix set there wasn't a track listing so i scribbled down the ones i recognized so please add to the list the ones i missed.

Download it from his site (link below) and check out his other mixes, you wont be disappointed!

Prince - Hot Thing, The Time - Get It Up, Quincy Jones - Ai No Corrida, Stevie Wonder - Another Star, Chaka Khan - I Feel For You, The Intruders - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love, Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker, Prince - Controversy, D-Train - You're The One For Me, Kashif - I Just Gotta Have You, Alicia Myers - Say Say Say

Download it direct from HERE

2 Hungry Brothers - My Crew's All THINNER!

Its a official, the 2 Hungry Brothers have leaped into the race for best producers and are overtaking the former front runners.
Their choice of breaks/beats are so pleasing to an old boy like me because they've come with fresh ingredients, stuck to traditional recipes and cooked up something meaty with loads of flavor...
On this mix 'My Crews All Thinner' they've rounded up some of the best emcees and blended them with some of the rawest and very familiar breaks.
Such artists like Substantial, Reef the Lost Cauze, P.CASSO, Homeboy Sandman to name a few.
Personal favorites for me are Substantial – King Strut (Amazing emcee and should be MASSIVE) K Gaines – Rum Raisin, Homeboy Sandman – Parallel Perpendicular (such a sick flow) arrh fuck it, i like them all!

Go to their myspace (link below) to order their new album 'Table Manners' featuring C-Rayz Walz, Pumpkinhead, Substantial, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skyzoo, Many Styles (if you haven't checked Many Styles yet then you need to get your arses in gear...the mans an animal) plus theres loads more first class artists.
PS: while your at there myspace look at their blogs and download the 'Best of 2 Hungry Bros Vol.1' to get more tasty treats of their talent on the production!

1. 8thw1 – Walk Tall
2. Substantial – King Strut
3. Mickey Factz – Move On Up
4. Fresh Daily + $trictlyBusine$$ - Bed-Stuy Bullet Dodge
5. Senor Kaos – Wandering Soul
6. 8thw1 – The Expose’
7. Critical – Holy Are You
8. Reef the Lost Cauze – Ripped By Loud Metal Explosions
9. 8thw1 – Executive Lounge
10. P.CASSO – Second Wind
11. Little Vic – Black Night
12. 8thw1 – Harlem Hindu
13. Daniel Joseph – Holy Thursday
14. Nikkobya Bisou – Le Machete’
15. Gary Bartz – Celestial Blues
16. 8thw1 – Small Crib
17. Von Pea – Foodstamps
18. K Gaines – Rum Raisin
19. 8thw1 & Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
20. Mazzi – SOUL Propulsion
21. Homeboy Sandman – Parallel Perpendicular
22. 10 Wheel Drive – Ain’t Gonna Happen
23. Willie Colon - Te Conozco

Download it HERE
Hit 'em up on their myspace HERE

Sunday, 29 March 2009


CalatrilloZ is the name of a Circus Family, protagonist of a tale created by the Brazilian Luciano (vocals), who, after many years of singing Classic Opera, decided to create a new musical project. Bizarre enough, instead of starting from writing songs, he created a story that could inspire his music. His tale brought him to write songs mixing gothic, rock, jazz, theatrical opera and circus vibes.

The first track of theirs that i listened to on the groups MySpace was 'My Show My Gold,' and i was very impressed. This is easily something that could (and should) be played on the radio - very catchy and well formed/written and constructed. The vocals have a wonderfully theatric sound, as does the piano throughout - which contrast perfectly with the guitars and i love the circus organ segment that comes in just before an excellent little piano solo.

Despite the title, 'Dying Love Sonata' is an upbeat track, with a carnival, almost marching band sound to it until it switches about halfway through and gains a little speed just before dying out and slowing down again to a haunting ballad, and then going back to the carnival, marching band rythm. This is a busy and varied track to say the least, but definitely in a good way - giving the feel that each changin part of the track is a change in the story, like acts of a play.

I loved everything i heard. To me, Calatrilloz sound like a mix of the best bits of Queen, Tenacious D, and Andrew Lloyd Webber! The band has a very professional sound and the theatrical element i mentioned earlier is something i have always wanted to see the return of in Rock music and Calatrilloz are carrying the flag.

It's safe to say that they have a new fan and they have some live shows coming up at the following venues;

26 Apr 2009 20:00 - Tommy Flynn's London and South East
5 May 2009 20:00 - The Rythm Factory London and South East
9 May 2009 20:00 - Custard Factory Birmingham
14 May 2009 20:00 - Dark Mill Festival London, London and South East (Private Night V.I.P Only)
26 May 2009 20:00 - The Good Ship London and South East

Judging by the following verdict of one of their live shows, it looks like they are definitely worth a look!

"Their performances on stage are as theatrical as their music –replete with makeup , masks, gothic attire and two back-up singers who perform in fishnets and corsets."
Friday 13th of March 2009 -

If that doesn't do it for you, check out the video below of them performing The Marionettes Poem and Dying Love Sonata;

In case you missed the link at the start of the post, you can find CatrilloZ on MySpace HERE.

Friday, 27 March 2009

fLako - The First Spaceshit on The Moon

This is by far the best piece of instrumental work i have ever heard.

Clocking in at just under 50 minutes and consisting of 30 beats - it seems that fLako agrees with my point of view that less is most definitely more as a majority of the beats are in the 1 - 2 minute range, with only 2 tracks entering 3 minute territory.

It is one of the shorter offerings, track number 2 - 'Hump' that stood out as my favourite, and one that i could bump forever with it's minimal 'wha-wha' organ sound and perfect drums bouncing over a simple bass line guaranteed to snap necks.

With so many reasons to like the whole BeatTape, it's hard to pick one defining feature that justifies me giving it the 'best ever' title, but i'll try.

Diversity and variety.
In my eyes, very few producers today have it. fLako demonstrates a tremendous amount of the stuff over the course of the beattape, with Accordians on 'Shake It Harder,' harps on 'Lullaby,' and flutes on 'The up Wind.' This is, not just in terms of which type of beats they are or which type of mood they induce - but the drum sounds and patterns used, the instruments and arrangements in place.

Many beatmakers start off either making sample based stuff or creating original compositions with a variety of synths and virtual instruments and for many a time will come when they decide to crossover and blend the two. fLako is so good at converging samples and original instrumentation that i don't even know which parts are sampled (if any) and which are not.

'Welcome' is another favourite of mine with the rising and falling choir voices and a nice, gritty bass lead. The drums are perfect, i especially like the snapy, echoey rimshot on the snares.

There are elements of other producers, most notably J Dilla in alot of the bass and drum work; 'Yea Yea Yea Yea' in particular, which rolls along effortlessly. I love the drums work on 'Lullaby,' and the track in general is stunning with wonderful, Dorothy Ashby style harps and odd drum kicks that sound out of sync but work so well together. Mostly however, fLako has a style that is all his own, having created what many beatmakers strive to produce - a perfect representation of their work and approach to beatmaking. 'The First Spaceshit on The Moon' is perfect in every sense of the word - and stands as a blueprint for all beat tapes to follow. Take note!!!

Download it for free HERE

Add fLako on MySpace HERE

Monday, 23 March 2009

DJ Revolution Presents “Malcolm + Martin: Movement Music” Mixtape

Up-and-coming duo Malcolm + Martin have teamed up with DJ Revolution, to bring listeners their latest street album.

Download this if you wanna hear 2 of the illest new
cats from the west coast spittin' fire over classic
breaks. Givin' new meaning to timeless music, injecting
intelligence, fun and positivity into your ear holes. you know...
what hip hop is supposed to do.


. Malcolm + Martin - What The Hell Happened to you?
2. Malcolm + Martin - A New Day-Skull Snaps
3. Malcolm + Martin - Status Quo-Saul Williams on the wake up show
4. Malcolm + Martin - Rock Bed-J. Trombey
5. Malcolm + Martin - Its my thing-James Coffey
6. Malcolm + Martin - Do Your thing-Malcolm & Martin
7. Malcolm + Martin - Hihache-Lafayette Afro Rock Band
8. Malcolm + Martin - Do What you Gotta dp-Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. limited
9. Malcolm + Martin - Welcome to the Movement-Malcolm + MArtin
10. Malcolm + Martin - Lunchtyme Cyphers-Malcolm + Martin
11. Malcolm + Martin - Making Tracks-Night Train
12. Malcolm + Martin - Sample Culture-Saul Williams on the wake up show
13. Malcolm + Martin - Talking loud-James Brown
14. Malcolm + Martin - Sayin’Nothing-Malcolm + Martin
15. Malcolm + Martin - Hollywood Swingin’-Kool + The Gang
16. Malcolm + Martin - Jungle Boogie-Kool + The Gang
17. Malcolm + Martin - Let the Drums Speak-Fat Back Band
18. Malcolm + Martin - Word to the Drum-Malcolm + Martin
19. Malcolm + Martin - Mind Power-James Brown
20. Malcolm + Martin - Funk for the Folks-The Soul Searchers
21. Malcolm + Martin - Melting Pot-Booker T + The MG’s
22. Malcolm + Martin - Another Victory-Malcolm + MArtin
23. Malcolm + Martin - Make my Funk-Parliment Funkadelic
24. Malcolm + Martin - Feel the Funk-Ceasar Frazier
25. Malcolm + Martin - The Ka$H-Malcolm + MArtin
26. Malcolm + Martin - Misleading Words-Saul Williams on the wake up show
27. Malcolm + Martin - Against the Wall-Malcolm + MArtin
28. Malcolm + Martin - Great Nation-Bambu
29. Malcolm + Martin - Kissed my baby-The Meters
30. Malcolm + Martin - Time Machine-Styliztik Jones/Randy Pie
31. Malcolm + Martin - Win or Lose-Malcolm + Martin
32. Malcolm + Martin - Ghetto funk-Duralcha
33. Malcolm + Martin - Sista Big Butt-Malcolm + Martin
34. Malcolm + Martin - Gotta be Funky-Monk Higgins
35. Malcolm + Martin - Hung Up-Salt

The brand new Malcolm + Martin: Movement Music mixtape is available for free download at the link below.


grab it...enjoy it.

Blaq Ink and Chip FU - Stop Playing

Chip Fu = Emcee (A Master of Ceremonies or MC (emcee), sometimes called a compère or an MJ for "microphone jockey," is the host of an official public or private staged event or other performance. The MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving. An MC may also tell jokes or anecdotes, use rhyming presentation style and otherwise interact with and be included in and be some part of the performance...or a person who can rip the mic/stage and leave a dent on the ears and memories of all who hear them)

Chip Fu has been around for years and has earned his place in my top 5 emcees of all time but he should mentioned in everyone's list, purely for his flow alone. But hes not a one trick pony, his lyrics can be funny/clever/deep and every other aspect you can think the man can sing!
Its all seems so effortless.

Formly of the Fu-Schnickens where with fellow emcees Moc Fu and Poc fu they brought something new to the table, they brought fun and humor plus serious and deep songs all topped off with a twist of Reggae/Ragga.

This free download is a taster in preparation for the new album M.A.A.T.H
Stop Playing is 26 tracks deep of tunes that Chip Fu appeared on plus some exclusives and freestyles...and it also includes Chip Fu version of the MASSIVE Collie Budz tune 'Love Mi Sensi'
There's heaps of truly head nodding tunes with other artists popping up here and there i.e Phife Dog, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Pete Rock, Heavy D, Renee from Zhane plus more.

Enuff chat ... just download it and play it loud!!

Grab it HERE

Add Chip Fu on myspace HERE

Let him know where you saw it to!! ('',)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rainah - Loose (Remix) Ft Goldenchyl, Produced by Dwayne Shippy

Download the track HERE

Rainah's MySpace HERE

Subscribe to Rainah's YouTube channel HERE

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Amede and The Soundsmith - Overwhelmed

Amede (AM-EDDIE) is the voice, The Soundsmith is the composer, together they are Amede and The Soundsmith and they return to Strictly Independant with another instrumental single entitled 'Overwhelmed.'

The track opens with some sparse notes eventually accompanied by some gritty kicks and snares until some bright strings come in, followed by some nice bass notes - undercutting and complimenting the higher points of the beat and adding some movement.

The mood of the track is quite uneasy and tense with a heavy atmosphere which seems to come from the strings but the bass sound keeps it in the electric soul genre and the change ups in the drums along with the introduction of some extra percussion sounds later on insure that the track stays interesting and fresh throughout.

Moving from gradually adding sounds to gradually removing them until it is left with just some distorted notes to finish the beat is a perfect way of letting the sounds 'warm down' and keeps a good sense of progress.

The track is another well thought out and well executed piece of music and is a perfect addition to Amede and The Soundsmith's growing arsenal of thought provoking music. A must have for fans of the genre and artists, and a fine choice for newcomers to get started on. This comes highly recommended.

Download the single for free HERE

Visit Amede and The Soundsmith's website HERE

Add them on MySpace HERE

Monday, 16 March 2009

Beit Nun & IllSkilz - Colours

Beit Nun is a 23 year old MC based in Macclesfield, UK. IllSkilz is a Dutch producer, and is fastly making waves in Holland with his instantly recogniseable sound.

The artists themselves describe Colours as;

"a brief look at the world through the eyes of a man who for the first time, feels both content and complete. Beit Nun reveals all to the listener, as he describes his new-found happiness through love, friendship, purpose, ambition and destiny. This refreshingly positive extended player certainly owes itself to the distinctive production talents of IllSkilz who debuts himself on this release, and undeniably makes himself known, with his consistant, yet unpredictable soulful mix of samples and compositions, drifting under a barrage of heavy hitting drums and daring synths."

Colours opens with 'Rainbows' featuring some on point cuts from Jabba Tha Kut and setting a rather laid back mood for the next track 'A Good Year' which showcases guest emcees Suicyde, Old Owl, JND & Chris L as well as previously featured artists 777, Dan Bull and Joe Gutta. Each emcee sits well on the beat; Dan Bull in particular exhibiting a nice comfortable flow.

'As It Is' has an introspective feel to it over what sounds like a nice Gil Scott Heron sample and keeps the tone mellow.

'Summertime' grabbed my attention with a well crafted beat that has done the often difficult task of combining samples and synth work to set a perfect backdrop for a track about...well, summertime.

'The Music' is probably my favourite track - with a lovely flute sample chopped to perfection, laced with some nice drums that make it flow wonderfully. Beit's delivery is effortless and the track really shines.

One thing i really like about the album is that the longest track, 'A Good Year' is 4:35 and is the only track to hit the 4 minute mark. All the other tracks are kept well within the 2-3 minute range and it results in a much more coherent track listing with real substance and thought to it. All the guest emcees do their job, IllSkillz does more than what is requires with the beats and Beit Nun ties it all together with superb flow and conscious lyrics - possibly my favourite British Emcee, North of London at the moment.


01. Rainbows
02. A Good Year (Feat. Dan Bull, Suicyde, 777, Joe Gutta, Old Owl, JND & Chris L)
03. Painting The Town Red
04. As It Is
05. Chromatics
06. Summertime
07. The Music
08. Leave Me Here (Feat. 777)
09. In Black And White

All Lyrics Written By Beit Nun (Except Guest Verses)
All Tracks Produced By IllSkilz
All Tracks Mixed & Arranged By Beit Nun
Cuts On Track 1 By Jabba Tha Kut
Cuts On Track 5 by SDSK
Guitar On Track 9 By Dan Bull
All Tracks Mastered By OJB
Cover Artwork By Megy Mey & 211 Graphics

Get the album HERE
Add Beit Nun on MySpace

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Princess Nyah ft. Coldsteps - Frontline (Live)

Check out the video below of Princess Nyah performing 'Frontline ft. Coldsteps' Live at the Frontline launch party.

See the following interview with Princess Nyah from Flavour Magazine -

You originally started out as a rapper when you were making a name for yourself with G-fam. How did you turn your hand to singing and song-writing?

Well song-writing has always been part of what I do even when rapping. I wrote my own lyrics so writing was always a part of me! The singing came with time after singing a few hook’s on the G*Fam album I became more confident as a vocalist.

Tell us a bit about your musical background and influences?

I grew up with 80’s pop and revival music, so Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul are some of my earliest influences. However when I started buying my own music as a teenager I had a real passion for rap and followed Lil Kim very closely as well as rap greats such as Jay-Z and Nas, so my influence’s are varied.

Your current single Frontline is proving to be a huge success on the club scene. Do you feel you’ve found your niche within the funky house genre?

I don’t think it’s a niche, I just think Funky house is relevant in the music scene at the moment and it’s what people wanna hear when they are out! I think I just gave birth to something that fitted in with the current scene.

Do you feel you are an all rounded musical artist and why?

To me all rounded means that you can do a bit of everything; I write my own songs and have influence at the production stage. I self manage and look after myself as an artist, from my image, to rehearsals to collaborations. So yeah I would say I am an all rounded musical artist!

Your debut single Frontline has proved a popular dance-floor filler on the party islands. Are you surprised at the success it’s had over there?

I think that it proved well on the party islands as it was a new track, and with the club scene momentum is everything. New material especially from a new artist takes time to sink in, so I still think there is room for Frontline to do even better this summer than it did last.

How do you feel about the support you’ve had back home from Radio stations and Clubs?

Support is everything, I had Marcus Ramsey a key DJ on the underground back Frontline from the beginning without him I wouldn’t have been able to meet all the other DJ’s that are a huge support. That’s underground and over ground. The UK scene is very supportive and are willing to assist the project where they can.

ILL Blu produced the track Frontline with you. How did this collaboration come about?

Ill Blu are made up of DEF1 and J-Reel. J-Reel produced all the G-Fam album and DEF1 was a key member in the group. So working together wasn’t new, it was just us messing around doing something different. Frontline was the first ever funky track we done!

Are you signed to record label at the moment?

I’m independent at the moment! No signings to any majors. Frontline is gonna be released under Nuevo Records which is our own label.

What projects do you have coming up and what can we expect from you in 2009?

I have a remix out featuring cold steps a really big MC on the funky scene, and I have nearly finished my album so the second single will be pushed out in march just after the release of Frontline.

Words By Daina Anderson
Photography by Saira Awan

Princess Nyah's website HERE
To be added to her mailing list, E-Mail to -
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