Saturday, 28 February 2009

Virus Syndicate - 'For The Music.'

Brand new Virus Syndicate video for a track called ‘For The Music’ ft David Lewis taken from the first in the series of Breakout E.P’s. This; the first is called The Mosquito E.P and will be landing on their own CONTAGIOUS MUSIC label.

Virus Syndicate return to the Contagious imprint with a reggae fused dubstep anthem, featuring fellow Mancunian toaster and underground music/club promoter, David Lewis.

Contagious Music was founded by DJ/producer, MRK1 (Formerly Mark One), one of the leading heads in the ever evolving dubstep scene and combined with his heavy electro, grime, hip hop and jungle influences, his sound provides a super-sonic platform for lyrically astounding MCs like JSD, Goldfinger & Nika D. Together they make up Virus Syndicate.

Hailing from Manchester, Virus Syndicate’s raw urban bass-heavy sound leans towards many genres, and with their hard edged beats and lyrical intelligence, as well as a hotly anticipated second album for Planet Mu, the Virus are fast being tipped to become the next major UK break through act.

Piano stabs and melody kick off ‘For The Music’ with a warm vocal from Mr Lewis that gently toasts the trademark MRK1 beat. Cue the Virus MCs JSD, Nika D and Goldfinger cutting in and out of each other at warp speed, laid over a walloping LFO bassline and the track moves into what we love most about Virus Syndicate. Testosterone fuelled lyrics smash the track home with a vocal delivery that’s second to none. A track surely to be played across dubstep, grime and hip hop clubs alike.

From satire to irony, humour to sincere, gangster to political commentary, Virus Syndicate offer an interesting perspective on life and a much-needed breath of fresh air for the urban/dance crossover fans.

MySpace HERE

Thursday, 26 February 2009


First of all, this website has nothing to do with me.

Figment is a website for music fans who have no musical talent but are fascinated by the dream of being in a band. In short, it is an online fantasy band site where you can create your own band, release albums and rise up the charts. The whole catch though is there's no music...thus the tag line "All Bands, No Music."

The website's creater Eric says;

"I started Figment because I am a big music geek myself and I was looking for a creative outlet that involved my love of music, but wouldn't involve me torturing my friends, loved ones and careless passerby's with my lame attempts at writing songs. Little did I know how many of us are out there. At this point, we actually feel as if we're doing the real music industry a favor by reducing the number of terrible bands that might send them a demo, and in some cases we've actually inspired people to start their own bands...although we can't promise they're any good."

Figment has users from all over the world creating bands, some are funny and some are serious, but all of them are fake! Take a minute to check them out and maybe try your hand at it.

Find the website HERE

1000+ Visits!


Thanks everyone - keep em' comin!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

777 - Septimal Vol.1

777 is an up and coming emcee from Telford, West Midlands - UK. As a former member of The Round Table and Non-Thespian (Dealmaker Records) and current member of newly formed hip hop duo Amass Hegemony with Beit Nun (Innit Records), 777 is a familiar voice across the East and West Midlands. Keen to kick off his own discography, 777 brings you Septmial Volume 1...

Displaying an immaculate flow with self confessed 'rapid rhyme schemes' over 17 well crafted tracks - 777 is a wordy-wordsmith with lots of ability.

'Swordz' is a banger and guest MC Baron Samedi absolutely kills it over a doper than dope beat courtesy of Wizard.

Wizard contributes another winner of a beat on 'Syllable Spitter.' The spiralling, harsh string sample and head nodding drums create an uneasy atmosphere; perfect for 777 to flip rhyme after rhyme with impeccable timing.

'The Double Up' is another favourite of mine - the samples in the beat are nicely chopped and the track features previously posted British track smasher Dan Bull. The beat keeps an interesting balance between some soulful sampled vocals, some fast paced drums and classic UK flow.

An excellent effort and one to watch out for.

Production credits go to - Zaheer, Bare Beats, Samedi Beats, Redmaster, Esyoube and Wizard aswell as 777 himself.

Guests include - Beit Nun, Joe Kobi, Baron Samedi, Redmaster, Esyoube (Text Offenders), SonnyJim, Scottish emcee Respeck-BA and US veteran Labal-S.


1) Intro: Sevenius
2) Ahead Of The Game ft Berserk
3) Standouts ft SonnyJim
4) Swordz ft Baron Samedi
5) The Man
6) Masked
7) Syllable Spitter
8) Keep Me Awake
9) Britain
10) Under A Rock ft Beit Nun, Joe Kobi
11) 5 Dimensions ft Labal-S
12) Who Is It ft Respek-BA
13) Versus Sub ft Esyoube
14) The Double Up ft Dan Bull
15) Introducing... ft Beit Nun
16) Revelations ft Redmaster
17) Keep Me Awake Bare Beats Remix

Order a CD from 777's MySpace HERE
Or buy a digital download HERE

Monday, 23 February 2009

Js.One - The Joy Inside

'The Joy Inside' opens up with a really nice intro, reminiscent of MF Dooms beat work and flows suprisingly well without any hi-hats, fading out nicely to lead into track number two.

'Touch The Sky' has some excellent strings and drums to compliment perfectly with some really warm hats that sound to me like they've been downsampled(?) to around 9-10 bits giving a lovely wonderfully crunchy sound.

The whole E.P has a nice feel to it, like a cross between MF Doom, MadLib and Stevie Wonder and it sticks to my personal rule of keeping projects like this short and sweet. All the samples used sound from the same era and as a result - gel really well and make the track transitions seamless.

Well worth the DOWNLOAD

Well worth the BLOG

and well worth checking out other material by Js. One HERE and HERE.

*Please note that the above image is not the cover art for 'The Joy Inside.'

Sunday, 22 February 2009


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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Blu(e) - HerFavoriteColo(u)r.

My album of the year so far! Its cheered me up in the shit weather and i cant wait to play it at the BBQ in the feels like 1992 again.

His use of samples have excited me like the first time i heard J dilla, Ayatollah, Primo, Hi-Tek, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Prince Paul.

Trust...Blu(e) is the savior of Hip Hop


Grab the gold HERE
Blu's myspace HERE

The Doctors Orders 27 - UK Kings Special

The Doctor’s Orders 27

9pm-3am Friday 6th March 2009
@ Herbal 10-14 Kingsland Rd, London E1

Skinnyman Live
DJ Nonames & Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars / Dubstep Set)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders),
Harry Love (Extended Playerz)
Chris Read (The Diary Vol 1.5 Launch Party)
Patchwork Pirates & DJ Odin

£5 in advance or £10 on the door

Advance tickets available from / 0844-477-1000

As the place to be for underground Hip-Hop from both sides of the pond The Doctor’s Orders has become the not to miss event of the month and for March we are bringing things back home with a UK Kings special featuring the very best talent our home shores have to offer in one room dedicated to Hip-Hop and one to Dubstep. With live performances and DJ sets from a wealth of home grown talent this is sure to be another Kingsland Road block.

Skinnyman is the most naturally gifted MC to have ever come out of the UK and will follow the likes of Frank & Dank, Sadat X, Louis Logic, Jehst & more onto The Doctor’s Orders stage. With incisive lyrics that are equally political as they are witty Skinnyman lays waste to any audience he comes into contact with and this will be no exception. The freestyle don has promised brand new unheard material ready to perform for the first time so this is sure to be another energetic live show the likes of which only the Mud Fam can put down.

As ever a highlight of room 1’s line up will be Spin Doctor’s set that as ever will explore all aspects of Hip-Hop mixed in the party fashion of which he is the master. Joining him on the decks is one of the UK’s most prolific and respected producers Harry Love. Having first met Spin Doctor when he was standing on a box to reach the decks at a West London house party Harry has perfected both DJ and studio styles that have seen him rock shows around the world and produce bangers for every UK MC worth mentioning. His club sets are an exciting mix of the new and old beats mixed to perfection that will leave the fun loving regulars begging for more!

Chris Read kicked off his career in Hip-Hop by promoting his Substance night in Birmingham for 12 years. Since moving to London he was one of the first DJs on the then brand new 1xtra and more recently has made waves with his incredible “The Diary” mixtapes. Tonight we celebrate the release of Vol 1.5 of this incredible series of mixes that trace Hip-Hop through a chronological mix of tracks that have fans including mixtape master DJ Yoda, The Herbaliser, Andy Smith & more. These mixes have to be heard to be believed so do not miss this chance of a sneak preview.

At The Doctor’s Orders we always aim to provide a suitable alternative to the Hip-Hop in room one with a selection of DJs and music that is sure to appeal to our regulars as well as bring new heads to London’s No.1 Hip-Hop party. Having had night dedicated to Reggae, Disco, original breaks & Jungle tonight we have a Dubstep dream team. The Foreign Beggars are adept at mastering all aspects of their trade. Having started producing and performing straight Hip-Hop they have successfully moved onto grime and are now making huge waves in Dubstep scene. DJ Nonames & MC Orifice Vulgatron will be treating us to one of these sets that have seen them establish such a following. They will be joined by the Patchwork Pirates who, although best know for their dedication to Hip-Hop and bass, will be digging deep into their Dubstep crates for this exclusive set. Holding the whole thing together upstairs is DJ Odin an unsung hero of the scene that will be taking no prisoners as he has ‘em swinging from the rafters!

Tekneek - Explicit Knowledge

Word Perfect's professional spitman has given us his blessing to put his most recent album up for grabs...for nowt!

For those that don't know Tekneek is (and has been) one of the UK's most talented emcees for a number of years now, hes popped up on a few classic posse cuts over the years but his solo albums are beyond brilliant.
His word play/ punchlines/ metaphors and concepts are a force to be reckoned with...

On'Explicit Knowledge' hes rounded up a superb cast of wordsmiths and beat bashers including: MrG, Jibbarish, Backlash, Razio, Social Leppers, Dirty Verbals, Gambit and the rest of the Wordperfect battalion.

Cop it now and let us know what you think!

Track List:
1. Explicit Intro
2. Heavyweight
3. Verbal Assault
4. The Human Masters
5. Never Again
6. Loose Cannons
7. Sick Scripts
8. Deep Sound Abyss
9. Vicious Circle
10. Punishment
11. Only The Good Die Young
12. I'm Gonna Fuck You Up!
13. Wicked
14. In The Limelight
15. War Of The Gods
16. Dirty Dozen
17. The Last Shot

Download it HERE

Check His Myspace HERE

Friday, 13 February 2009

Yorkshire Launch Party

Mainly for our visitors from the U S of A (unless your currently on holiday in the fine state of Texas)

On the 21st March 2009, Timeless Music Project and Chocolate Fireguard Records present the FIRST EVER Yorkshire music showcase at SXSW - The British Music Embassy, Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, Texas. From 12.00 - 3.00 you can see live performances from the following acts -

Wild Beasts - A 4 piece from Leeds, England, debut album ‘Limbo, Panto’ was released to critical acclaim in the UK and USA on Domino. The song titles alone, Vigil For A Fuddy Duddy, Woebegone Wanderers, Cheerio Chaps, give notice you are entering a highly original environment. One listen will leave you confounded and enchanted

Paul Marshall - Since signing to Bella Union, Paul Marshall has appeared on Guy Garvey’s radio show, filmed a session for MTV2 and toured with Bat For Lashes and Jose Gonzalez. Currently recording for his debut 2009 release, Paul will appear at SXSW whilst following up his festival appearances at Bestival, Wireless, End of the Road and Green Man in 2008

Talk To Angels - They're loud, impassioned, dramatic and barely legal! Run through with big ideas, these guys will give you a live set that will make your hair stand on end. Expect an A & R fest at every performance. Born at the studios that launched Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace and Pigeon Detectives, Talk To Angels return to Austin, the scene
of their historic Obama election night show

Rolo Tomassi - Hassle Records newest signings, Rolo Tomassi are a fresh-faced bunch straight from the Steel City, playing some of the most frenetic, insane and jaw-dropping tunes around. Combining elements of punk, hardcore, post-rock, electronica, jazz and full on metal, it's an aural assault, but of the hippest, knowing kind, and in frontwoman Eva, they posess the most natural star to emerge from the UK underground in years. Forming in 2005, the band self-released their first demo, and followed this up by a self-titled EP; their debut LP 'Hysterics' was released in September 2008 on Hassle

Sky Larkin - Sky Larkin's ascent has been rapid and invigorating. The trio's pair of pre-album singles 'Fossil, I' and 'Beeline' have swelled interest and love in the band, prior to the release of their debut album, The Golden Spike. Signed to mighty indie Wichita (bloc party, etc) 2009 looks bright

"Timeless Music Project," who will be hosting the evening have been delivering projects aimed at drawing attention to and supporting Yorkshire's talented music industry. Established in 2004 by singer and record label owner Pat Fulgoni, projects include regional showcase CDs, events, festivals, campaigning and conferences. New for 2009 and thanks to Yorkshire Forward funding, Timeless Music Project made the case for and is organising the first ever live Yorkshire Music Showcase event at SXSW Music Conference, Texas on Saturday 21st March (12-3). It will take place at the British Music Embassy venue - just before the slot traditionally held by Liverpool Sound City. Yorkshire will now also be a regional partner in the British Music Stand at the Austin Convention Centre (again for the very first time)

So why is this so important? SXSW is regarded by many as the most important US based Music Conference relevant to British Music exports - responsible for breaking acts including Amy Winehouse. Along with this year’s Timeless Music Project regional CD sampler “Independent Sounds of Yorkshire and the Humber” which will also help to profile some of the best homegrown talent, the Yorkshire showcase will add considerable worth to UKT&I's forthcoming SXSW Trades Mission for Yorkshire based creative businesses, which along with Sensoria Festival, this vibrant Social Enterprise has been helping to develop.

So, if you're in the area - pay a visit.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

H1P - ArtArea (BeatTape)

Today's free download is brought to you by H1P - a Croatian (yea, we get em from all over) beatmaker whom i came into contact with through Crate Kings.

The intro that starts of the BeatTape is lovely. I know, only Nans and teachers say 'lovely' but that is the best word to describe it. Atmospheric and rich; Lots of spacey, echoey strings and some well arranged drums that work well as part of an intro as they don't crowd the rest of the track. All of this helps to set up the rest of the tape.

Throughout, the overall mood is quite sullen an laidback with a varied mix of synths and samples, basses and strings.

'My Angel' is a favoutire of mine, it's hard to tell what the sample is as it's been ran through some kind of flanger or gater which gives the track a really interesting sound. my only criticism of this track is that when you have a sample arranged as nicely as this one is, you need to bring the drums and they could use some work on one or two tracks.

Overall - some lovely beats, a sterling show of what H1P is capable of and certainly worth getting.

Get it HERE

Check out H1P on SoundClick HERE

Saturday, 7 February 2009


I know i haven't posted anything in a while, just to let everyone know that i am still active in the land of blog and i plan to post something this evening. My apologies to everyone on the waiting list.

Stay tuned...
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