Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Gatsby The Great - Falling Up

Gatsby The Great is a writer/director/emcee from South Jersey.

This album is incredible.

Although it sounds more like a collection of songs, more of a mixtape than an album - the lyrical quality and consistency of the rhymes alone prevent it from being labelled something as plain as a 'mixtape.'

Right from the intro, it's clear that Gatsby is a very talented and hungry emcee, spitting one verse over a head nodding beat that sounds like a hip hop version of Lawrence Of Arabia.

Although some of the beats, samples, or drum sounds sounded familiar it really is the lyrical precision and attention to detail which shine through especially on the title track 'Falling Up,' which also happens to be one of the albums best, in respect to both the beat and lyrics. The track is basically a list of contradictions, but done in a very clever way that has you rewinding every bar to double check.

Another thing i liked about the album was the variety of hip hop on display. A nice old school feel on 'The Rythm' with a catchy hook, pure underground ferocity on the Intro, and a more mainstream accessible track in the form of 'Feelin Good.'

'Falling Up,' definitely deserves a good couple of listens through and Gatsby desrves a Myspace add, so i suggest that if you don't have the album or you don't have Gatsby as a friend on Myspace, you solve both of those problems here and now -

Get the album HERE

Add Gatsby HERE

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Gordon Bennet Records - Promo Mixtape

Gordon Bennett Records is an independent label based in East Anglia, in The U.K specialising in Hip Hop & Electronic music. The label was created in mid 2007, and as stated on the lables Myspace - "has been influenced by many labels & artists from the days when, not just Hip Hop but all music was striving, to today where Hip Hop is supposedly "dead." Many still push to keep music alive, others do not. GBR wishes to help bring it back & reignite the positive energy and provide lots of different sounds from different artists. With a positive yet comical outlook we hope to release some great music from some exceptional artists, with future plans to branch out to some other genres of music."

Up for download in todays post is the labels 12 track Promotional Mixtape, featuring tracks from resident artists -

Crow Stick, Raptilian, Purple Turkey, The Lounge Lizard, Chuck Dangerfield and Diagnostik.

Standout track for me is 'Take The Sun Away' by Diagnostik, a more than ample lyricist over a head nodding beat with a dope bassline and a free flowing hook.

Overall, the beats and general collection of tracks featured fuse nicely and yet are different enough to play to the label of 'mixtape.'

Instrumental tracks courtesy of Lounge Lizard break up vocal tracks nicely and leaves the listener waiting for what's coming next.

An impressive album showcasing this labels blatant talent, can't wait to hear more.

Get it HERE

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mi5 - Jargon, Prince Valiant and Dilligence

Mi5 are a team of professional spitmen made up of Jargon, Prince Valiant and Diligence.
All 3 emcees bring some of the best punchlines to the table...its criminal that their not bigger then they are.

Jargon is one half of Natural Born Spittaz alongside Mystro and when their tunes drop it gonna cause waves in the world of Hip Hop! I can honestly say i haven't been this excited about a groups LP since ... i don't even know when.
The first time i saw Prince Valiant was freestyling at Deal Real Records (the original one) and he SMASHED IT!!
Alas i've never met Dilligence and cant even find a picture of him!

But for now check out the 3 tracks from Mi5 Zshare link HERE

Massive shout to Jargon for blessing us with these tunes.

Jargons Myspace for more exclusives HERE

PLUS - Check out Max Thief featuring MI5 - 'Grimey'

PLUS - Prince Valiant Freestyle
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