Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Melodiq - Straight From The Soul (Beats by Terem)

Straight From The Soul features Enz, Nelace, Kohndo, Stacy Vickroy, Dj Atom, Elodie Rama, and Just Brea (of Deep Rooted) and is available now at Melodiq.com and Amazon and is coming soon to Itunes and Rapsody, or River City if your in Japan.

Before we get to my thoughts on the album, check out the preview below;

You may also recognise the following track which resulted from a beatmaking video by Hocus Pocus producer 20syl*

*Please note that this track is not featured on this album.

The first track after the intro 'This Is What We Do' opens with some rising and falling horns before the drums and bass drop along with melodiqs voice;

"Un-phased by any competition that presents itself."

It is this sentiment that you should keep in mind while listening to the album because the style that comes across is relaxed, comfortable and effortless. I couldn't imagine hearing any of this album on the radio - not because it's bad, contrarily because it is good and as we all know - good music just doesn't get played on radio! Melodiq's voice sits on Terem's beats perfectly and on 'Worldwide" it's refreshing to hear some international flavour in the form of French MC Kohndo, staying fully true to his roots by spitting the entire verse in French (personally i love French hip-hop, even if i can't understand a f*cking word of it!) The beat is one of my favourites on the album - some really nice flutes, strings and bass.

"The Overseers Ft Nelace" is easily my overall favourite on the album, a really nicely flowing loop of a sample and the flow exhibited by Melodiq and guest MC Nelace is perfect with some nice lyrics like;

"Me, Melodiq and Terem, look at the hole that we tear em' - they got guns, they got power; still we don't even fear em - why? We got heart all the way from the start, so if they breakin ya heart we gotta take em apart."

Possibly my only criticism would be the choice of sample for "Brand New" - in my opinion, a Stylistics track that shouldn't be sampled. But that being said - Terem flipped it in a way that is much better than i would have expected prior to hearing it and it's a nice concept track with some beautiful vocals from Elodie Rama.

That aside - there is nothing i can fault with this album. Take my word for it - you need this in your life.

Head to Melodiq's website to buy the full album from Itunes, Amazon or Rhapsody.

In the meantime, feel free to download one of the following tracks as a freebie courtesy of Melodiq and Terem being such nice chaps!

This Is What We Do

Searching (ft Just Brea)

Soul Patrol (ft Enz)

The Overseers (ft Nelace)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Jai - On My Jais, The Prelude

On My Jais - The Prelude is a 14 track precursor to Jai's upcoming album, too good to be called a mixtape though.

From South West London, Jai insists that it was her inquisitive nature and challenging childhood that brought about her passion for hip hop, as well as an evident love for a wide range of music.

"I grew up listening to anything from Tracy Chapman to The Pogues to Bob Marley, I loved it all!"

She began writing at a young age, moving on from poetry to rhymes, culminating in her participating in ciphers at the Deal Real record shop in London. The respect she gained from here led to her presenting her own show on Invincible Radio called 'The Sicka Selektion,' showing that her talents can stretch even further.

After an intro type track to start with, Stop, look Listen - sampling a version of the well known Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye track of the same name sees Jai on fine form - the flow is on point, lyrics are nice and it's a perfect way to introduce this young lady's obvious talent.

The only thing putting this in the mixtape category as opposed to it being an album - as it could easily be, in terms of content and quality. is that there are a few used beats here, most notably track 7 - "Brother From Another" which uses Jay-Z's "Soon You'll Understand" beat. As i said though, content wise - this could be an album track, the lyrics go deep such as -

"4 days in ICU, 4 angels surround you/ lost your fight and you rejected life - tell me why?"

Track number 4 - "Movin" shows Jai's versatility as she switches up the flow over a quicker beat - a good idea on Jai's part to put this track on the first half of the album and keep listener's guessing for what's to come.

Track 11 had me laughing - "Swagger Jacker skit" takin the piss out of Lil' Wayne which is always welcome on my speakers!

i'm looking forward to seeing what Jai does in the future - will be keeping my eyes and ears sharp for when the album drops but i was very, very impressed with 'The Prelude,' with such a lack of promising talent in hip hop at the moment, and new artists that are actually deserving of hype and attention - it's really refreshing to hear something to get excited about, and not to sound sexist but even more so when it's a female MC! Not only that, but she's reppin' U.K. What more do i need to say?

You can buy 'On My Jai's' from ITunes and i strongly suggest you do. At £8 it's more than worth it.

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