Thursday, 28 January 2010

#SecretRemixProject tracklisting

You may remember some time ago i posted an advert of sorts on here calling for all UK Hip-Hop artists to send me their accapellas for a remix project i was planning on doing. Or, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me posting updates on the progress of the album with the hash tag #SecretRemixProject. Anyway, the following is a final list of artists and their remixed tracks that will feature. Its not a tracklist as such as they may not feature in this order but this is what you can expect once it drops.

Jai - I Rep
Stig of The Dump (ft R.A The Rugged Man) - Braindead
Delusionists - Game of Soldiers
Asaviour - The Aim
Klashnekoff - All I Got
Blokeyman - Recycled Rhymes
Delusionists - Supa Lyrical Excursion
Seedy Ron - Waitin'
Lost Souls - Everyman
Boiler Room Collective - Seven
Lewis Parker - Rise
Mystro - Banishment
30,000 Bastards - Microphone Mussolini

Not long now until it will be finished and ready for download. I'm keeping the 'secret' element a secret for a little while longer and will probably reveal the actual concept of the album when it drops. There's no real reason why i'm deciding to keep it secret for now, just that I think it leaves a little incentive for people to follow the progress.

I'd like to thank all the artists mentioned above in advance too for trusting me with their accapellas and helping me do this when i've barely even met most of them and none of them have heard of me. Special thanks especially to Mr Ben Black of The Delusionists as he's pretty much been the co-producer of this by providing some much needed advice throughout!

Further special thanks to Short Term The Crate Worm who is playing bass on all the tracks. This man is incredible with the bass and has added an entirely new dimension to all the tracks - you'll all be very impressed when you hear it.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who has shown support too.

So, the next update will probably include a link for you to download this thing i've been going on about for the last few months.


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