Friday, 15 January 2010

Dyson - The Personal Statement

After the short intro, The Personal Statement opens with a remix of "I'm Back" by Lowkey. The track is fast moving an energetic and is by far the best use of AC/DC's Back In Black being sampled I've ever heard. The track is a shining example of a good remix in that it sounds like it could be the original.

Personal Statement moves on to "Ohh!" featuring Bess and a nice vocal sample (I'm sure you can guess what the sample says from the song title!) The track knocks hard and Bess manages to create a catchy hook with just 'Ohh' as a concept! Although the track bangs, it's pretty slow in comparison to the first track and this works well here, showing versatility early on and switching the style up to keep the listener interested.

The style is switched furthermore and pushed more laid back next on a reggae vibe for "Testify" featuring Nutty P. I was very much surprised here because ordinarily this vibe really isn't my thing but 'Testify' is one of my favourites on the album and it's always nice to be surprised! P comes with some very nice bars such as:
"No lie, gotta give praises to most high, that's the kinetic energy flowing from every friend and enemy open your eye and see the light - you will eventually."

I think my favourite has to be "Do What You Gotta Do" with a catchy and soulful hook and verses courtesy of The Peoples Army. The track is basically 4 minutes of sickness. Nuff said!

"Whisper" comes in at a close second for my favourite. The beat is extremely simple - just some nice rolling piano keys and some jazzy, shuffly drums. Lyrics by Brotherman are perfectly suited to the beat which ordinarily you would expect to lose interest in but it's done too well here between Dyson and Brotherman - a perfect union of beat and MC.

We're back with Bess and Brotherman again next with "My Life" sampling elements of "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by Roy Ayers, a classic track which Dyson flips wonderfully, looping some nice vocals and dropping the "My life, My life, My life, My life" section every so often to break the beat up.

"Take It Slow" is a nice track to finish with, nice and mellow with some smooth vocals bringing the beat in as The People's Army drop some verses on that great mystery of the universe (women) over some nice saxophone's and simplistic drums. Like I said - this is an ideal track to close the album with and really insures that there's something for everyone.

The Personal Statement is definitely up there as one of the best projects I've heard recently. Dyson shows a good ear for sampling and drum programming aswell as fantastic versatility and overall a nice clean, professional mix. The artists involved have been matched up to suitable beats perfectly and help to create an impressive piece of work that you will want to listen to more than once.

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