Saturday, 9 January 2010

E. Daney

E. Daney is an unsigned artist from Harlem, NY. There's two tracks of his on offer for you today;

"Turn It Up" has a nice beat of some synth chords, piano keys that come in and some pretty simplistic drum programming which works well with the rest of the track. I have to say that honestly this type of track usually isn't my thing but I was feeling this one. It reminded me a little of Jay-Z's "What We Talkin' Bout?" from The Blueprint 3 and i think this track would work well in the same way, placed at the start of an album.

"Hoodlife" is more downbeat but manages to hit just as hard with a nice catchy hook as E. Daney speaks about his motivation over a beat of piano keys, some strings and once again - pretty simple drum patterns which is a good move here in my opinion as it allows for the verses to take centre stage. My only criticism of this track is that it's perhaps a touch too long weighing in at 4:10 but that doesn't take anything away from the quality of the track which in terms of audio quality, lyrics and music, is very high.

I was very impressed by both tracks and hope to hear more from E. Daney in the near future.

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