Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up (Produced by Black Einstein) - Official Video

The official video to the earlier featured 2009 UK Rap-Up by Mystro (produced by Black Einstein) is now available for your viewing pleasure. (See below)

This man is kind of amazing me at the moment! Not only is he everywhere at once, giving interviews left right and centre but he gives us The F.D.T EP and follows it up with an amazing end of the year tribute in the form of the 09 Rap Up AND finds time to shoot a video to accompany it!?

Mys - you gonna have no nose left if you keep it to the grindstone much longer!

EDIT: - A little thank you note from Mr. Mys Diggi himself;

Thank you so much for supporting this track. I honestly didn't expect it to make as much noise as it has & can't thank you enough for helping to make it happen. It's very humbling.

Happy newy years in case i haven't said it already and trust - there's a lot more to come!!

This is just the "Tip of The Mysberg" MUTHA LUVAZ!!

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