Saturday, 28 February 2009

Virus Syndicate - 'For The Music.'

Brand new Virus Syndicate video for a track called ‘For The Music’ ft David Lewis taken from the first in the series of Breakout E.P’s. This; the first is called The Mosquito E.P and will be landing on their own CONTAGIOUS MUSIC label.

Virus Syndicate return to the Contagious imprint with a reggae fused dubstep anthem, featuring fellow Mancunian toaster and underground music/club promoter, David Lewis.

Contagious Music was founded by DJ/producer, MRK1 (Formerly Mark One), one of the leading heads in the ever evolving dubstep scene and combined with his heavy electro, grime, hip hop and jungle influences, his sound provides a super-sonic platform for lyrically astounding MCs like JSD, Goldfinger & Nika D. Together they make up Virus Syndicate.

Hailing from Manchester, Virus Syndicate’s raw urban bass-heavy sound leans towards many genres, and with their hard edged beats and lyrical intelligence, as well as a hotly anticipated second album for Planet Mu, the Virus are fast being tipped to become the next major UK break through act.

Piano stabs and melody kick off ‘For The Music’ with a warm vocal from Mr Lewis that gently toasts the trademark MRK1 beat. Cue the Virus MCs JSD, Nika D and Goldfinger cutting in and out of each other at warp speed, laid over a walloping LFO bassline and the track moves into what we love most about Virus Syndicate. Testosterone fuelled lyrics smash the track home with a vocal delivery that’s second to none. A track surely to be played across dubstep, grime and hip hop clubs alike.

From satire to irony, humour to sincere, gangster to political commentary, Virus Syndicate offer an interesting perspective on life and a much-needed breath of fresh air for the urban/dance crossover fans.

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