Monday, 23 February 2009

Js.One - The Joy Inside

'The Joy Inside' opens up with a really nice intro, reminiscent of MF Dooms beat work and flows suprisingly well without any hi-hats, fading out nicely to lead into track number two.

'Touch The Sky' has some excellent strings and drums to compliment perfectly with some really warm hats that sound to me like they've been downsampled(?) to around 9-10 bits giving a lovely wonderfully crunchy sound.

The whole E.P has a nice feel to it, like a cross between MF Doom, MadLib and Stevie Wonder and it sticks to my personal rule of keeping projects like this short and sweet. All the samples used sound from the same era and as a result - gel really well and make the track transitions seamless.

Well worth the DOWNLOAD

Well worth the BLOG

and well worth checking out other material by Js. One HERE and HERE.

*Please note that the above image is not the cover art for 'The Joy Inside.'

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