Wednesday, 25 February 2009

777 - Septimal Vol.1

777 is an up and coming emcee from Telford, West Midlands - UK. As a former member of The Round Table and Non-Thespian (Dealmaker Records) and current member of newly formed hip hop duo Amass Hegemony with Beit Nun (Innit Records), 777 is a familiar voice across the East and West Midlands. Keen to kick off his own discography, 777 brings you Septmial Volume 1...

Displaying an immaculate flow with self confessed 'rapid rhyme schemes' over 17 well crafted tracks - 777 is a wordy-wordsmith with lots of ability.

'Swordz' is a banger and guest MC Baron Samedi absolutely kills it over a doper than dope beat courtesy of Wizard.

Wizard contributes another winner of a beat on 'Syllable Spitter.' The spiralling, harsh string sample and head nodding drums create an uneasy atmosphere; perfect for 777 to flip rhyme after rhyme with impeccable timing.

'The Double Up' is another favourite of mine - the samples in the beat are nicely chopped and the track features previously posted British track smasher Dan Bull. The beat keeps an interesting balance between some soulful sampled vocals, some fast paced drums and classic UK flow.

An excellent effort and one to watch out for.

Production credits go to - Zaheer, Bare Beats, Samedi Beats, Redmaster, Esyoube and Wizard aswell as 777 himself.

Guests include - Beit Nun, Joe Kobi, Baron Samedi, Redmaster, Esyoube (Text Offenders), SonnyJim, Scottish emcee Respeck-BA and US veteran Labal-S.


1) Intro: Sevenius
2) Ahead Of The Game ft Berserk
3) Standouts ft SonnyJim
4) Swordz ft Baron Samedi
5) The Man
6) Masked
7) Syllable Spitter
8) Keep Me Awake
9) Britain
10) Under A Rock ft Beit Nun, Joe Kobi
11) 5 Dimensions ft Labal-S
12) Who Is It ft Respek-BA
13) Versus Sub ft Esyoube
14) The Double Up ft Dan Bull
15) Introducing... ft Beit Nun
16) Revelations ft Redmaster
17) Keep Me Awake Bare Beats Remix

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Or buy a digital download HERE

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