Sunday, 8 February 2009

H1P - ArtArea (BeatTape)

Today's free download is brought to you by H1P - a Croatian (yea, we get em from all over) beatmaker whom i came into contact with through Crate Kings.

The intro that starts of the BeatTape is lovely. I know, only Nans and teachers say 'lovely' but that is the best word to describe it. Atmospheric and rich; Lots of spacey, echoey strings and some well arranged drums that work well as part of an intro as they don't crowd the rest of the track. All of this helps to set up the rest of the tape.

Throughout, the overall mood is quite sullen an laidback with a varied mix of synths and samples, basses and strings.

'My Angel' is a favoutire of mine, it's hard to tell what the sample is as it's been ran through some kind of flanger or gater which gives the track a really interesting sound. my only criticism of this track is that when you have a sample arranged as nicely as this one is, you need to bring the drums and they could use some work on one or two tracks.

Overall - some lovely beats, a sterling show of what H1P is capable of and certainly worth getting.

Get it HERE

Check out H1P on SoundClick HERE

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