Thursday, 30 October 2008

Figment/Mash - Up Productions = Jay-z; The Motown Album

This post is one of my own projects which i did around the time that the internet was flooded with American Gangster mash ups and i decided to do a Black Album mash up since the onslaught of those had died down.

I sampled all tracks from the classic Motown label to create new beats for Jay's Black Album acapellas.

Semantik, administrator for the excellent website Crate Kings had this to say

"With all the American Gangster remix albums popping up lately; we tend to forget about all the previous joints that Hov blessed us with. Figment of Mash-Up Productions drops a gem on us with the release of The Motown Album, which combines Jay’s Black Album with classics such as “If I Were Your Woman”, “Neither One of Us”, and “Love Hangover.” It’s no doubt that the Figment was successfully able to take a handful of Motown joints and provide just enough grit to what I originally considered to originally be a lackluster and overproduced release. I have to admit that I was surprisingly impressed with his attention to detail, especially with the restyled organ sample featured in the remake of “Public Service Announcement."

Download it HERE

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