Sunday, 16 November 2008

Snappa and Savage

Snappa and Savage are two MC’s from the UK, hailing from one of the roughest areas of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire called Deighton.

There is no full product as such on offer here today, i.e. - an album/single/ep but i do have the link to ehir myspace, which should definitely be checked out.

They have attracted interest from several record companies and Savage has appeared on a track with ‘Natural One’ of the Troubleneck Brother’s from New York. Snappa has appeared on several tracks produced by L.A. based producers, although these tracks have yet to be released. They have appeared on a compilation album that was sold across Europe, USA and Japan. They have also featured on one of the biggest radio stations in Europe, BBC Radio 1 Unsigned and Pulse rated radio station broadcasting several of their songs on Sky satellite TV throughout Europe, one of which made tune of the week, they also featured in their exclusive section called hot trax where they pick the best 5 songs reviewed that week from all artists worldwide from all genre's.

Savage Says “Musical integrity means more to us than pound notes, people forget that we have to live with the music we put out, not just for that moment but forever. We don’t try to do the style of music that is trendy now because as soon as you try to mimic today’s music, you are already working on yesterdays”.

Snappa comments “In the past, people close to us tried to be helpful and tell us what type of tracks we should be making. We sometimes took that advice on board and although people liked those tracks, we were disappointed with ourselves, we felt unfulfilled and it just wasn’t us. Looking back it actually helped us because that was our learning curve. Everybody goes through that. Now, we only make tracks that we would like to hear, no compromise, hopefully there are people out there who feel the same as we do and can appreciate what we do for our own style. We can’t be like anybody else we only know how to be like us”.

As i said, there's no full product for me to review but the myspace is worth a look. I suggest you add them and keep your eyes peeled for anything they do.

Myspace HERE

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