Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Evil Ed & Conspicuous "The get Together"

The dynamic duo that are Evil Ed & Conspicuous have blessed us with a the new album "The get Together" and let me be the first to start the standing ovation. Its what UK Hip Hop needs at this time...pure fire! Ed's is one of the most consistent producers for 15 years now and never lets the listener down when their looking for a proper Hip Hop beat. And Conspicuous spits the rawest like a bulimic after eating sushi.
With top notch guest spots from a fine aray of talent from all over the UK.
I really hope this doesnt get slept on like some of the other classics out over the last few years.
Check out the track BBQ and the youtube vids for a little taster of what i feel has just moved into the top ten UK albums of all time.

Check the track listing:

Evil Ed & Conspicuos "The get Together" (Ottomanelf Music):

1.81's Favourite Son
2. BBQ feat. Seanie T, Doc Brown, Konny Kon, T-Bear, Broke N English (vuts by K-Delight)
3. Marvelous feat. Ric Branson & Grimlok
4. Don't Worry
5. Big Headed feat. Willo Wispa, Mudmouth & Apollo (cuts by Evil Ed)
6. The Get Together
7. Ill-Out feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jehst, Swave Sevah, Dubbledge & L.I.F.E. Long (cuts by Eddie Skratch)
8. Where Did We Go Wrong (skit)
9. You & Me (Never Could Happen)
10. Time After Time feat. Cobane, Shameless & Sir Smurf Lil
11. Sinister (synth by AH Fly)
12. The Night feat. Willo Wispa, Iceman & Yung Blud
13. Forgive & Forget feat. Cal-I
14. Outro (Goodbye)
15. BBQ (remix)

Taster tune BBQ - Grab it HERE
evil ed & conspicuous feat. willo wispa 'the night'

evil ed & conspicuous feat. cobane 'time after time'

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