Sunday, 26 October 2008

Amede & The Soundsmith - The Underground

The Underground is a new free digital release from London pair Amede and The Soundsmith described by the duo themselves as "a new phase of their musical journey pulling away from the soulful vocals for a while and exploring their unhealthy addiction to beats!"

Inspired by The London Underground system, and intended to give a sense of progression and journey into the future - it does just that with a mix of breakbeat style drums, a nice low bassline and some ghostly key chords which break up the digital sound nicely.

I found it a welcome change to see a group brave enough to release an instrumental single, but the track is good enough and as an insrumental in a musical world currently governed by pop parafenalia and one hit wonders it does well to hold the listeners attention for the whole 3 minutes and 44 seconds. From the minute i pressed play the edgy drum loop and sub bassline had me nodding my head and i could easily imagine an artist like Roots Manuva or Kano on it which displays a tremendous example of versatility, echoed again by the "about us" section on the website "We just want to make good music, whether it's short raw beats, vocal based, down-tempo, or hip hop soul."

In conclusion, the track is a heavy beat sure to break up the monotony of the tired contents of ones Ipod and get heads noddin straight away. I'm eager to hear more from Amede and The Soundsmith in the future and i highly recommend you download anything this pair offer - particularly as this one is FREE!

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