Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Dr Syntax 'N' Elemental are The Menagerie – Wild Kingdom

Tom Caruana, Dr Syntax, Elemental and Nick Maxwell are The Menagerie and they want you to have and enjoy their acclaimed and fun packed debut album 'Wild Kingdom'from 2005.
The supa crew was made up of 3 emcees, 2 producers and a deejay..all head and shoulders abover most.
Please trust me on this...its one of the most solid albums i've ever heard!

Grab it for free HERE

Theres more freebies from Elementals myspace HERE

And Check out 'The Menagerie' HERE


AD said...

Cheers for the email! good to hear I'm doing something positive (creating competition?!). Will defo link up to you!

Rafferty Funksmith said...

hey figment, why didn't you independantly review your own album on here? It rocks, my friend. Maybe you need a third party to do it? Get someone to write an unflinchly honest review of it for you, and post it up here.

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