Friday, 27 March 2009

fLako - The First Spaceshit on The Moon

This is by far the best piece of instrumental work i have ever heard.

Clocking in at just under 50 minutes and consisting of 30 beats - it seems that fLako agrees with my point of view that less is most definitely more as a majority of the beats are in the 1 - 2 minute range, with only 2 tracks entering 3 minute territory.

It is one of the shorter offerings, track number 2 - 'Hump' that stood out as my favourite, and one that i could bump forever with it's minimal 'wha-wha' organ sound and perfect drums bouncing over a simple bass line guaranteed to snap necks.

With so many reasons to like the whole BeatTape, it's hard to pick one defining feature that justifies me giving it the 'best ever' title, but i'll try.

Diversity and variety.
In my eyes, very few producers today have it. fLako demonstrates a tremendous amount of the stuff over the course of the beattape, with Accordians on 'Shake It Harder,' harps on 'Lullaby,' and flutes on 'The up Wind.' This is, not just in terms of which type of beats they are or which type of mood they induce - but the drum sounds and patterns used, the instruments and arrangements in place.

Many beatmakers start off either making sample based stuff or creating original compositions with a variety of synths and virtual instruments and for many a time will come when they decide to crossover and blend the two. fLako is so good at converging samples and original instrumentation that i don't even know which parts are sampled (if any) and which are not.

'Welcome' is another favourite of mine with the rising and falling choir voices and a nice, gritty bass lead. The drums are perfect, i especially like the snapy, echoey rimshot on the snares.

There are elements of other producers, most notably J Dilla in alot of the bass and drum work; 'Yea Yea Yea Yea' in particular, which rolls along effortlessly. I love the drums work on 'Lullaby,' and the track in general is stunning with wonderful, Dorothy Ashby style harps and odd drum kicks that sound out of sync but work so well together. Mostly however, fLako has a style that is all his own, having created what many beatmakers strive to produce - a perfect representation of their work and approach to beatmaking. 'The First Spaceshit on The Moon' is perfect in every sense of the word - and stands as a blueprint for all beat tapes to follow. Take note!!!

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