Thursday, 19 March 2009

Amede and The Soundsmith - Overwhelmed

Amede (AM-EDDIE) is the voice, The Soundsmith is the composer, together they are Amede and The Soundsmith and they return to Strictly Independant with another instrumental single entitled 'Overwhelmed.'

The track opens with some sparse notes eventually accompanied by some gritty kicks and snares until some bright strings come in, followed by some nice bass notes - undercutting and complimenting the higher points of the beat and adding some movement.

The mood of the track is quite uneasy and tense with a heavy atmosphere which seems to come from the strings but the bass sound keeps it in the electric soul genre and the change ups in the drums along with the introduction of some extra percussion sounds later on insure that the track stays interesting and fresh throughout.

Moving from gradually adding sounds to gradually removing them until it is left with just some distorted notes to finish the beat is a perfect way of letting the sounds 'warm down' and keeps a good sense of progress.

The track is another well thought out and well executed piece of music and is a perfect addition to Amede and The Soundsmith's growing arsenal of thought provoking music. A must have for fans of the genre and artists, and a fine choice for newcomers to get started on. This comes highly recommended.

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