Monday, 16 March 2009

Beit Nun & IllSkilz - Colours

Beit Nun is a 23 year old MC based in Macclesfield, UK. IllSkilz is a Dutch producer, and is fastly making waves in Holland with his instantly recogniseable sound.

The artists themselves describe Colours as;

"a brief look at the world through the eyes of a man who for the first time, feels both content and complete. Beit Nun reveals all to the listener, as he describes his new-found happiness through love, friendship, purpose, ambition and destiny. This refreshingly positive extended player certainly owes itself to the distinctive production talents of IllSkilz who debuts himself on this release, and undeniably makes himself known, with his consistant, yet unpredictable soulful mix of samples and compositions, drifting under a barrage of heavy hitting drums and daring synths."

Colours opens with 'Rainbows' featuring some on point cuts from Jabba Tha Kut and setting a rather laid back mood for the next track 'A Good Year' which showcases guest emcees Suicyde, Old Owl, JND & Chris L as well as previously featured artists 777, Dan Bull and Joe Gutta. Each emcee sits well on the beat; Dan Bull in particular exhibiting a nice comfortable flow.

'As It Is' has an introspective feel to it over what sounds like a nice Gil Scott Heron sample and keeps the tone mellow.

'Summertime' grabbed my attention with a well crafted beat that has done the often difficult task of combining samples and synth work to set a perfect backdrop for a track about...well, summertime.

'The Music' is probably my favourite track - with a lovely flute sample chopped to perfection, laced with some nice drums that make it flow wonderfully. Beit's delivery is effortless and the track really shines.

One thing i really like about the album is that the longest track, 'A Good Year' is 4:35 and is the only track to hit the 4 minute mark. All the other tracks are kept well within the 2-3 minute range and it results in a much more coherent track listing with real substance and thought to it. All the guest emcees do their job, IllSkillz does more than what is requires with the beats and Beit Nun ties it all together with superb flow and conscious lyrics - possibly my favourite British Emcee, North of London at the moment.


01. Rainbows
02. A Good Year (Feat. Dan Bull, Suicyde, 777, Joe Gutta, Old Owl, JND & Chris L)
03. Painting The Town Red
04. As It Is
05. Chromatics
06. Summertime
07. The Music
08. Leave Me Here (Feat. 777)
09. In Black And White

All Lyrics Written By Beit Nun (Except Guest Verses)
All Tracks Produced By IllSkilz
All Tracks Mixed & Arranged By Beit Nun
Cuts On Track 1 By Jabba Tha Kut
Cuts On Track 5 by SDSK
Guitar On Track 9 By Dan Bull
All Tracks Mastered By OJB
Cover Artwork By Megy Mey & 211 Graphics

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