Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ozmosis - The Wizard of Oz mixtape

Here's something new from UK emcee "Ozmosis," entitled - 'The Wizard of Oz mixtape.'

I first heard of Ozmosis a little while ago when he hit me up on Myspace for a beat (which features on this mixtape for the track 'We Get Em') and i was impressed by tracks on his MySpace - 'Imagine (the dreamer)' which sampled the John Lennon classic, and his remix to The Arctic Monkey's track - 'You Look Good On The Dancefloor.'

The mixtape does what it's supposed to. it's a dope mix of tracks over original and previously featured beats from the likes of Fort Minor, DJ Premier and..erm Blur and The Arctic Monkeys. In my eyes - a good mixtape shows an emcees versatility, adaptability and ability to shine on any type of beat, and Ozmosis does just that. Rhyming over The Arctic Monkey's 'you look good on the dancefloor' is enjoyable to listen to and a few pace changing bars over 'Zorba The Greek' are a small stroke of genius.The overall theme of the mixtape is well done and the short soundbytes from the movie throughout help to string each track together.

As i said - this does what it's supposed to, and it does it very well - it shows Ozmosis' lyrical capability and that he's comfortable on a wide assortment of beats.

My advice to you is to download it first - HERE

Then add Ozmosis on MySpace HERE

Video for 'Imagine (The Dreamer)' -

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Anonymous said...

Hello mate, awesome blog
but the ozmosis mixtape link had beenblocked by myspace, so can you upload it atall

many thanks

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