Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Organix - GET INVOLVED!!!

How it Works:

1) They provide a beat

2) They set topic for you to write 16 bars to.. (Topics so far have been 'Summer Holidays' Where Ya From?' 'The Wilderness' 'Punchlines' 'Pet Hates' 'Halloween' etc.)

3) You get roughly two weeks to write and record your bars and get them back to them.

4) They will mix them all together, and put a fitting video behind them, showing who is curretly spitting, and all other relevant info. Video Footage of yourself doin your thing is also very welcome and will be used in the vid.

When they first started off they had Just 8 people on the first episode, now with the word getting out the record has been 16 people, resulting in a two part video.

In their own words;

"We have already worked with 35 + rappers and beatmakers and are looking to carry on expanding, believing that this is beneficial to the movement. We do it purely out of the love for doing it (often means a lot of late nights and sacrificing free time but hey!) I Hope to see some new faces on this one, we are currently half way towards the deadline for Organix Part 10 - The Movement. Be sure to check the myspace for more info."

Bottom line is, they are always looking for for fresh heads to get involved

Check out (some vids are up there for you to see)

All other vids can be found on youtube (search for organix hip hop) or subscribe to the user 'simplesamples'

All updates can also be found on (official Organix forum)

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