Monday, 30 November 2009

Consider yourself invited...

Attention all UK MC's...

I am currently putting together a remix project featuring UK MC's over beats made by me sampling a band whom i will not mention until it's finished.

Think 'The Grey Album' but instead of Jay-Z there will be lots of different artists and instead of The Beatles it's...a different band.

Currently signed up are Ben Black of The Delusionists, recently featured & amazingly sick female MC Jai, Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Mystro, Asaviour and a few others that aren't confirmed yet.

If you would like to be a part of this, e-mail me as many acapellas of you as you want with the BPM of the original track and i'll let you know if you'll be featured, as well as bring you into the loop with a few more details about the project.

As i said - unfortunately, this applies to just UK MC's but if you're not from the UK and you play an instrument, you know what your doing with mixing tracks down or you have something else that you think you could bring to the table - get at me still. I want this to be a hugely collaborative effort and hopefully we'll all get some new fans out of it.

Please send all acapellas to

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Anonymous said...

dig what your doing

California bass chops simmering in the crock pot, your boy, The Worm

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