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R.I.P Tony D aka Anthony Depula aka Harvee Wallbangar

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Tony D, born Anthony Depula, was a US American Hip-Hop DJ and musician from Trenton, New Jersey, USA. He was the first artist to have a record released on Mark Rae's burgeoning British Grand Central Records independent record label (then called Gone Clear Records).
His other albums were released on Cha-Ching Records and 4th & B'way Records, and had been a part of the group Crusaders For Real Hip Hop, who released an album on Profile Records.

Tony D's early records were sampled by artists including Naughty by Nature for the hit "O.P.P.", and by Heavy D, without permission. All cases were settled out of court.

He had also worked as a producer for DJ Muggs, The Outsidaz,yz, Poor Righteous Teachers, Young Zee, King Sun, Blvd Mosse, and Pace Won.
He was last reported to be working on a band project called The WBs.

Apart from Tony D., Depula was also known professionally under the names Harvee Wallbangar and Grand Pubha Tony D.

Depula died on April 5, 2009 after being involved in a car accident near his home in Hamilton, New Jersey. He was reported to be 42 years old, making the year of his birth to be either 1966 or 1967. An investigation of the accident is pending.
From Grand Centrals Website

Weighing in at 16 stone of Italian American heritage Tony Depula a.k.a Tony D is a man who has left an indelible mark across the history of the hip-hop beat, wrestling his way round some classic LPs from Poor Righteous Teachers (acting as producer on classics like Shaqila) - to his own Pound for Pound release on Grand Central.
Tony has always kept his productions tight and full. The hard drums and bass generated courtesy of his EMU SP1200 drum machine have been laced with some classic raps courtesy of YZ, Lo-key and some amazing vocals from Veba and Spikey T. Tony caught the hip-hop bug in 1985 travelling up to the Bronx from his Trenton, New Jersey base and buying drum machines from a producer who had moved on to drug dealing. It was not long before Tony was making classic beats some which were subsequently robbed by the likes of Naughty by Nature and Heavy d; all cases which were settled out of court.
Responsible for Grand Centrals first release and first artist solo album, (Pound For Pound back in 1997)he hooked up with Grand Central when Mark stumbled across Tony D's Central J. Parlay EP'in a N.Y. basement.

From Grand Centrals Website

My Thoughts

Tony D was one of my favorite producers since i first heard his beats on the Poor Righteous Teachers and YZ albums in the late 80's and early 90's and then on his solo album 'Droppin' Funky Verses' then his work with the 'Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop'

The above album (Droppin)was filled with snappy drums and samples that would make new comers from todays scene sit up and listen, plus his lyrics were on point and direct...for example from the album track 'Stop Racism'

Get it right, y'all, my family had to organize
Comin' over on a boat, you see, they had to realize
that they were one, yes, in a nation of so many
nationalities of people, knowledge we had plenty
As an equal, but still some considered us an outcast
Names like guinea and wop is what was used in the past
to describe us, nonetheless we kept our head up
Knowin' in the future we shall all drink from the same cup
Unity is what I'm strivin' for, G, so let it be
Ebony and ivory in our community in harmony
Livin' perfectly together as a whole
from the bottom of South Africa to the North Pole
When I look at a human you can say I'm color-blind
Cause I see them with my eyes but I judge 'em with my mind"

Plus his diss track at 3rd Bass are underground classics!
Check out his Production credits HERE

Enuff chat, check out some of his work and let his talent live on...

Tony D I Salute You!
Rest In Peace


FluiD said...

his contributions to hip hop are immeasurable and his music will live forever... hip hop has lost another great producer... R.I.P Tony D

Anonymous said...

dont forget Jimbrowksi - Tony also produced that with the Jbs said...

Let's never forget Tony D...

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