Saturday, 4 April 2009

Crowstick - Tales Of A Warped Mind

I first heard of Crowstick on the Gorden Bennett records promo i reviewed in July last year, on the track 'Killer Bee' which incidently features on this E.P too.

'Demons In My Head' is the E.P opener - a dark, gritty track about paranoia, angst and inner conflict. The beat is very heavy with a bassline and drum track reminiscent of artists like Wu-Tang, early Eminem and Dr Dre. The high pitched sound in the background of the track adds to the tense atmosphere and sense of worry. Flow and lyrics are all on point and CrowStick sits very comfortably on the track, and the E.P in general in fact.

Excellent sample chopping of some blues on 'Gritty Pervert;' similar to Iron Bridge, Phonetics and Ron Compost, with such lines like - "i'm a sick fuck, i fantasise pickin you up - taping your mouth shut, and then i dump you in the back of my truck." The juxtaposition of what is quite a cheery sounding beat with such dark lyrics gives a good feel of unease - similar to 'the ear scene' in Reservoir Dogs.

An excellent offering from an obviously talented, emerging artist.

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