Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mi5 - Jargon, Prince Valiant and Dilligence

Mi5 are a team of professional spitmen made up of Jargon, Prince Valiant and Diligence.
All 3 emcees bring some of the best punchlines to the table...its criminal that their not bigger then they are.

Jargon is one half of Natural Born Spittaz alongside Mystro and when their tunes drop it gonna cause waves in the world of Hip Hop! I can honestly say i haven't been this excited about a groups LP since ... i don't even know when.
The first time i saw Prince Valiant was freestyling at Deal Real Records (the original one) and he SMASHED IT!!
Alas i've never met Dilligence and cant even find a picture of him!

But for now check out the 3 tracks from Mi5 Zshare link HERE

Massive shout to Jargon for blessing us with these tunes.

Jargons Myspace for more exclusives HERE

PLUS - Check out Max Thief featuring MI5 - 'Grimey'

PLUS - Prince Valiant Freestyle

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