Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Gordon Bennet Records - Promo Mixtape

Gordon Bennett Records is an independent label based in East Anglia, in The U.K specialising in Hip Hop & Electronic music. The label was created in mid 2007, and as stated on the lables Myspace - "has been influenced by many labels & artists from the days when, not just Hip Hop but all music was striving, to today where Hip Hop is supposedly "dead." Many still push to keep music alive, others do not. GBR wishes to help bring it back & reignite the positive energy and provide lots of different sounds from different artists. With a positive yet comical outlook we hope to release some great music from some exceptional artists, with future plans to branch out to some other genres of music."

Up for download in todays post is the labels 12 track Promotional Mixtape, featuring tracks from resident artists -

Crow Stick, Raptilian, Purple Turkey, The Lounge Lizard, Chuck Dangerfield and Diagnostik.

Standout track for me is 'Take The Sun Away' by Diagnostik, a more than ample lyricist over a head nodding beat with a dope bassline and a free flowing hook.

Overall, the beats and general collection of tracks featured fuse nicely and yet are different enough to play to the label of 'mixtape.'

Instrumental tracks courtesy of Lounge Lizard break up vocal tracks nicely and leaves the listener waiting for what's coming next.

An impressive album showcasing this labels blatant talent, can't wait to hear more.

Get it HERE

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