Monday, 17 May 2010

Subtronik - Recalibration Log Files Volume 1

Recalibration Log Files Volume 1 is a mixtape from Toronto-bred, hip hop instrumental artist SubTronik. The 7 track, free download contains remixes and beat breaks hand crafted with love by the Gundam themed producer in her studio appropriately called "White Base."
"I usually don't make beats for emcees, I find they are too busy to rhyme on, but I really wanted to complete the vibe and showcase my work."
The mixtape is laced with a variety of sounds compiled in an old school, abstract manner, while still maintaining a true hip hop core and pays homage to a few of SubTronik's favorite bread and butter drum breaks. The best way I can describe Subtronik's sound is if Q-Tip went 50 years into the future, spent a year making beats, came back and made an album for MF Doom. It's mainly the little snippets of cartoon sounds and vocal soundbites that remind me of a Doom album which in turn draws comparisons to Madlib as the whole mixtape had a Madvillainy type feel to it for me; most notably on track number 5 - a remix of GangStarr's 'Just to Get A Rep.

"I'm not really trying to go back to the 90's although it is most definitely my favourite era of hip hop. I'm just trying to make my own sound, borrowing from the whole vibe and soul of past eras but still adding my own personal touch; My feelings and where I'm at currently."

It  also features verses from Mic Geronimo, INI, Pete Rock, Guru of Gangstarr, Crooklyn Dodgers and SubTronik's bandmate Seiko Romansu (the two come together to form the group "Lover's Anonymous").

The mixtape is available for free download at Subtronik's BandCamp page You can also follow SubTronik's blog HERE and stay up to date on the progress of the Lovers Anonymous album.
"It's going to be a pretty cool album. A lot of instrumental tracks with Seiko rhyming every so often where it fits. Nothing forced. We have the ideas pretty much done and we are waiting to see if we will be accepted for a community arts grant. Hopefully we get it, that way we can get some better equipment and really make a solid product. If the grant doesn't come through, we will still release it, but it will take a bit longer as we will then be upgrading White Base out of our own pockets."

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