Thursday, 24 December 2009

Slickmouth - A Travelling Star

SlickMouth set the international Hip-Hop world alight with his brilliant single ‘I Made It’ which recieved great support on a specialist radio campaign, and positive meetings with labels in New York. He was also a finalist in the BBC 2009 performing arts fund, and has amassed a large following from shows in london(Supporting Jagged edge) , Sweden (Along side Kano) ,belgium, and the USA.

Check out the video interview below for some more info from SlickMouth himself.

This twenty one track mixtape is anything but. With an overall fresh sound - lots of bright synths and clean, crisp drums - Slickmouth is clearly confident enough to be able to release this kind of effort and label it a mixtape. My favourite aspect of 'Travelling Star' is that the beats are quite mainstream and accessible but it's refreshing to hear an MC like Slickmouth over them.

"Warning" sees Slickmouth send...well...a warning to lesser MC's in the game. The beat is a banger, sampling Ten Wheel Drive's "Ain't Gonna Happen" but flipping it in a different enough way to Jay-Z's "1-900 Hustler." "The Takeover" got my head nodding once the drums dropped and the track is something I could imagine hearing in clubs, as well as 'Around The World" which features excellent vocals on the hook by "Naye Forsythe." When "How Many" dropped i have to admit i was a little unsure how the track would pan out, but when it hits 0:11 it all comes together. The track is a little reminiscent of "Swagger Like Us" which could be seen as a good or a bad thing depending on your preference. Even so - I liked it. Slickmouth gets a little deeper on "Cool vs Cool" which is probably my favourite track on the Mixtape. The falling strings that drop in and out over the plucky harpsichord notes is haunting and fits the subject matter perfectly as Slick takes on the persona of a bully and a drug dealer in verse one. "Homecoming" is another banger of a beat with Slick displaying a switch up of flow to spit nice and quick over this one. "Uninspired" utitlises a pretty simple vocal sample - "Sometimes I feel so uninspired" and keeps it simple all the way through with nothing but some piano keys, drums and bass accompanying Slick speaking on feeling uninspired which is a subject I'm sure all of us have som knowledge on.

A Travelling Star is an assuring promise of what is hopefully to come from Slickmouth - well thought out, well executed and well made music.

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