Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Delusionists - The Prolusion

The Prolusion is a rather impressive, 7 track EP by The Delusionists.

"Trunk Rattle" is a wicked track, possibly my favourite, with a nice bassline and a rather catchy vocal sample which 'Ben Black' spits effortlessly on, displaying a wonderful flow and some nice lyrics ("you know the ones who was laughin freely when i told em i rapped, man that scarred me deeply/ but look at your life now - far from peachy, cos your so Primark, I'm so Maharishi//") The thing i like about 'Trunk Rattle' is that Black manages to create a rather accesible, probably radio friendly banger with lyrics of substance and worth - a more than difficult task amongst today's 'music.' Included at the end of the track is a funny voicemail message left by 'Patricia' from number 14, the apartment below Ben (whether it's real or not, i'm not sure - hope so) asking him to "turn his music off because it's 5 past 1." I love a good skit.

"Super Lyrical Excursion part 2" is 2 minutes of solid lyrical ability. It's not that the technique used is particularly extraordinary, it's a pretty basic flow but it's perfect. The words bounce along the beat comfortably, easy to follow and enjoyable - resulting in some notable quotes such as - "give me a mic and a crate of Corona and i'll give you something heavier than Kerry Catona."

"The Evil" is super laid back and easy. Vaguely on the subject of girls, sex and cheating but touching on other issues ranging from irresponsible fathers, making money, The Evil sounds like a generalisation of a majority of men and what women should look out for - wise words, basically. Aided by some lovely female vocals as Ben touches on some well known situations and habits i'm sure alot of blokes will recognise - "That's why we leave you at home, and got a load of numbers that we wont delete from our phone/ just in case we get an evening alone - we can call Lisa from the other week, if we're in need of a bone."

"Game Of Soldiers" finishes the EP off nicely. Wicked bassline and some nice string and vocal samples. A quicker flow gives a great sounding contrast to the sedated beat. It's a swift journey through a selection of life's commonly encountered problems with the general consensus in how to deal with them being - "fuck it."

After listening to this E.P, Mr Ben Black and The Delusionists go right up there on my U.K favourites list.

All i can say is if he wants to collab with me, or is ever in need of a beat - get at me.

Get the album HERE

Visit the home of The Delusionists, the fledgling but expanding 'Beats Laying About' blog HERE
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