Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hidden Identity ( Evil Ed ) - Blunted Bumpkin Buskers

Back in 93/94 i heard a tune played on Kiss FM that made me nod my head like the Churchill dog and smirk like chesser cat on twas a tune by a group i had never heard of called Hidden Identity, i was hooked and needed to hear more.
Lets let Evil Ed tell you more...

As I was involved in this E.P. as one half of Hidden Identity (DJ & Producer) alongside MC Mistima I thought I'd add a few notes about the record...

This is the 2nd EP on the Pure Rudeness label. The first I don't even have a copy of anymore, but it featured MC Undercover from Hackney and Handsworth's MP Rawality (a female MC).

The Hidden identity E.P. was recorded and mixed in a few days back in 1993 in a studio in Oswestry where the Pure Rudeness label honcho Tee used to work. Me and Mistima had made very loose demo versions of the tracks and we had all our samples and cuts ready, Mistima brought his rhyme books and just pieced various lyrics together there and then in the mic booth.

It was fun getting Mistima to do the back-up's, there's one scream he did that me and Tee made him do around 20 times until he got it how we wanted.

It says on the label 'Produced by Tee' although I did the production, if you can call it that. Apart from 'Pure Rudeness' all the samples are jacked from other records. Pure Rudeness is my first proper production on wax ie. an original sample over a drum loop. We also used a sound bite from 'Made In Britain' as the intro to that track. Skinny man used the same film for vocal skits on his LP more recently.

I also rap on this track and regret that now as even though I was never the best MC out there I had really bad flu when we did it and it sounded very poor.

Tee engineered the tracks with me live. We sat for hours at the mixing desk experimenting with EQ & Efx and every time we made a mistake ie. forgot to drop the beat out or add delay we'd have to go back to the top of the track.

Before the vinyl was out the tracks "Big Hed 4 Da Dred" & "Return Ov Da Red Eye" were played by DJ 279 on Choice and Max & Dave on Kiss FM. They played it off a cassette tape every week for months before the vinyl was out and it eventually dropped on wax around May 1994.

This is a UK Hip Hop classic...

A1 Return Of Da Red Eye
A2 Big Head 4 Da Dread
B1 Pure Rudeness
B2 I Tink Were In Trubble

Get it Here (rapidshare link)
Here (sendspace link)

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reptile said...

I've been looking for this since the early 90s when my mate got the only copy to land in my hometown. Mad props Blokey

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